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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”

I was watching Ellen today, and was very inspired by a woman she had on the show. I had seen some things on the internet about a news anchor, and sister to one of my favorite actors Ron Livingston, being apprehended on TV, but I hadn’t really taken the time to read the article. After watching Jennifer Livingston today on Ellen, I was not only shocked, but very inspired.

I think the things that Jennifer addresses in this video are mind-blowing. It truly made me stop and consider how it affects me, and how things that we all say affect others. I was thinking when watching the video, why would anyone take the time to be so cruel to another person. I am not completely innocent in this either. I thought to myself about how I may not be outwardly cruel to someone but I am guilty of thinking and saying things about people that are unnecessary. This really opened my eyes to this, and has made me more aware of this judgement. I hope this video inspires you to be more aware, the same way it did me.

I hope that it also reminds you that the things that other people may say to you or think about you are not important. The way we are viewed by our loved ones and they way we view ourselves is what truly matters. Our self worth is not dependent on this judgement that other people pass with a momentary glance, we are  worth so much more. We are all different and wonderful in our own way. And whether someone is judging you because your skin is a different color, or your sexual preference isn’t the same as theirs, or you are skinnier or bigger than what they consider beautiful, this doesn’t matter. Don’t waste time worrying about these people, they are most likely insecure about themselves. These people’s opinions of you do not have to be your reality, unless you let it.

I’ll leave you all with one of my favorite quotes that I think is important to consider when you are the victim of judgement and hatred,

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Work as of lately…

Hellllo!! It’s been a while since I have posted, and I’M SORRY! I’ve been super busy lately. I finished up my internship at the Casting Department at CBS and started immediately at my new internship. I am now doing Production at the ABC Daytime Talk Show “The Chew”. And I am so happy there! Not only do I love the show and the people I am working with, BUT I am doing the things that I really love, and will hopefully get to do full time when I graduate. Here is a link to the shows website for anyone that is not familiar with the show and would like to check out where I am spending my time these days 🙂

And I have good news… I have 3 new videos that I have made that I want to share! I took a few classes this semester and over the summer and have made some new projects.

This first video was for an internet mash-up project, where I was to find videos online and combine them to make one cohesive video. 


The music is Kanye West and Otis Redding, “Gone”. Im not sure of the people in all of the clips I used, but the two in the beginning are my favorites, The Avett Brothers.

The second project was to shoot a specific area of New York City and capture interesting people and represent the setting. I chose to film a park on the Upper East Side that borders the East River. 

Sunny Saturday

The music in this piece is the Dirty Projectors “No Intention”.

The third project was to create a short narrative piece. There were no other guidelines, so I was able to develop an idea completely from scratch and with no restrictions. 

Evolution of Emma

The music is The Middle East “Blood”. Special shout out to my wonderful friends Lydia Daley and Paddy Hall, for being exceptional actors!


Well that’s all for now folks! Let me know what you think… I LOVE the feedback!



Photo Research

For my Web Design class, we are each designing our own websites. This is a process that is easier said than done. Using HTML and CSS we have to develop a website completely from scratch. I am in the final stages of this project that is due in just two short weeks. We are being prompted to design the website based around an object, memory or tradition that greatly influences our lives, or we find inspiration from.  I chose to create a website focused on the camera. An object that I believe is greatly overlooked and under appreciated by most. My website will focus on photography and video, to showcase the history and inter workings of the camera, and the amazing art it can produce. The main goal of my website is to provide insight into  visual stimulation, something that influences me greatly.

Through research on various photographers and photographs, I have come across some very interesting blogs and websites that I have really enjoyed browsing. I am sharing some of the photos I’ve found as a sort of preview of what’s to come with my website.

These photos are all from a Tumblr that showcases vintage photos of influential filmmakers, actors, models, etc. 

Stanley Kubrick

Monica Vitti

Jackie O

Al Pacino

Francois Hardy

DeNiro and Pacino

These photos are from Austrian photographer Reinfried Marass…

These are just a glimpse into what I have been experiencing while doing loads of research. I wanted to share these images with you all, because they are so mesmerizing to me, and maybe they will be to you as well. Be on the lookout for a link to my new website, I will be posting it on here when it is complete.

I vow to not like “The Vow”

Okay, I’m going to have to be completely honest here, as much as I would love to say I have impecable, scholarly taste in movies and I only choose to watch sophisticated, award worthy films, this just isn’t the case. I am a sucker for silly comedies, anything with a chipmunk  and YES cheesy chick flicks. I will be the first to go see ANYTHING with Katherine Heigl, Jessica Alba or James Marsden. And although I love to waste my time watching unrealistic portrayals of women falling in and out of love, most of the time I enter the theatre already anticipating my disappointment. Granted I don’t usually broadcast my guilty pleasure for these massacres of film, but I figured hey, why not go out on a limb and review this movie that had the potential of The Notebook and fell flat on Ryan Gosling’s beautifully constructed floor. Sorry Rachel, I had such high hopes for you and my fellow Alabamian, Channing Tatum.

When I first saw the trailer for The Vow, I was already hooked. The trailer had all the signs of a tragically sappy love story: two painfully attractive stars, a crazy accident/twist and a taylor swift song. After seeing the film, I left the theatre feeling…satisfied. I had already prepared myself for a letdown, and It honestly wasn’t an awful movie, just mediocre in my opinion, but isn’t that kind of just as bad?

Going into the movie, I didn’t realize that the movie was based (loosely I found out) on a true story. After finding that out, it honestly made me like the movie a little more. The story is a very inspiring because of the obstacles the characters have to overcome, but I was very disappointed in the writing and acting. As much as I LOVE to look at Channing Tatum, the guy is not a very talented actor. I am so sorry, I just have not been impressed by his roles in anything he has done so far, especially since this list consists of Dear John and Step Up. Although the trailer for 21 Jump Street does look promising, maybe there is still hope for him yet. The main problem I have with Rachel McAdams is simply the fact that she chose this movie. She already played the loving, and forgetful leading woman and it was an unbelievable hit, Why get greedy and go back for seconds?

But ultimately I think the majority of the blame goes to the writers. The film was predictable at times, and the places where the storyline wasn’t typical, it was just downright silly. The plot that developed was lackluster. I would have liked to see more background on the characters and what led to their quicky marriage and how Rachel McAdam’s stepford-like character became a quirky, vegetarian in that amount of time. I also found it a stretch for Channing Tatum to play the hipster, music producer. He screams a lot of things (HOT HOT HOT) but artsy hipster is not one of them.

After doing some research on the real-life couple and their book of the same title, The Vow, I found out that the main theme in their actual story was their religious experiences that guided them through the horrific time in their life. This was something that was not present at all in the film. The couple, Kim and Krickett Capenter cite their mutual faith in God as the main reason their love lasted. I tried to find out what parts of the film were factual. I was mainly interested in the deceitful father plot-line. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but that was a very shocking twist. It was a tad unrealistic in my opinion, so If it was true, my heart goes out to this girl because that would be a very awkward situation, to say the least.

Overall, The Vow wasn’t a total bust, I wouldn’t recommend spending the OUTRAGEOUS amount the theatre charges, but it would be a decent redbox rent.

I’m leaving you with this hilarious picture I’ve come across. Hope you all love a good Mean Girls reference as much as me 🙂

A good cry just in time for Valentine’s Day

‘Tis the season for a good emotional wedding video, And this one takes the cake. A little cheesy, sure. But I dare you to not get a little choked up and even jealous.

The 99%

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Occupy Wall Street Protest. It’s very interesting living in the city during this, because I get to witness all the action firsthand. I went down to Zuccoti Park (the sight of the protest) a few times when it first began back in September and October, but not lately because of the recent violence associated with the police and such. There is something sort of liberating about the dedication and passion that these people have. It is definitely inspiring in a way, to believe in something and go for it, really act on what you want and think is right. Here are some pictures I have taken from OWS:

I also went to an art gallery that was a part of OWS:

A City Symphony

I am currently taking a Sense and Medium class, where we are able to explore the different types of mediums. We are focusing on Video, Digital Media and Sound Design. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, especially the Video portion. I just wish the sections lasted longer. Because there are 3 different parts to this course we only had 4 classes to complete each project. Our project assignment for the video portion of the course, was to capture video from the 2 blocks that surround our school and try to capture various forms of color, texture, movement and etc. through everyday life in the city.

This is my final product:


This weekend, I visited some interesting places I had never been to in New York City before.

Friday I went to the MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art, for the first time. I haven’t been to any Museums in NYC before so I was curious to attend when my friend invited me to go. There were a lot of tourists, and a lot of people in general, which can be a bit nerve-racking, but the I did enjoy the art-gazing. These are a few of my favorite pieces that I was able to get photos of.

Claude Monet Agapanthus

Max Ernst Rendezvous of Friends- The Friends become Flowers

Pablo Picasso Three Musicians

Gustav Klimt Hope, II

On friday night, I went to the Half Gallery for the opening of a new exhibiton from the fashion photographer Terry Richardson (although this exhibit did not showcase his fashion photography). The exhibiton is called “Mom and Dad”. His late father Bob Richardson was a renowned fashion photographer and his mother Annie — still alive and kicking it in Ojai, California — a former Copacabana dancer, stylist and Jimi Hendrix paramour. Although they divorced when Terry was quite young, the couple are brought together again here in these touching, funny, sometimes desperate photographs (  It was a very interesting exhibit. If you want to see more photos check the previous website out or this one 

These are a few shots of the photos displayed:

Despite the packed crowd, I was able to snap this picture of Terry at the opening (He’s the one on the left, I have no clue who the other guy is!):

Lastly, my friends and I visited the High Line, which is an old above ground subway line that was tranformed into an aerial greenway and spans about 30 blocks on the West Side of Manhattan.Its a very neat and calm place that has some incredible views of the city! These are some pictures I took from the High Line:

Me, Grayson and Kelsey

Just another day in the life of a paparazzi…

Sorrrry I am so bad at keeping up with my blog. I think about what I’m going to post on here on a daily basis, but somehow the day slips away and I neglect to get a post completed. Well the time has come and I am actually sitting down and getting this accomplished.

Can I just say that time has FLOWN by. I feel like I just moved here like yesterday and now in two short weeks I will be flying home for Thanksgiving Break. I am so excited for this quick trip home. Not only will I get to see my friends and family, but I will get to experience a football game, PLUS it’s the best one of the season!! WOO HOOO I have missed tailgating and rolling and eating and  and cheering and everything else that is associated with Auburn Football. I have been trying to keep up with the games here in NYC, but let me tell you something: NO ONE IN THE NORTH GIVES A CRAP ABOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Period. The end. Its all pro- this and pro-that ….who cares about Pro football…people here that’s who! I am very much looking forward to gearing up in orange and blue and cheering on the tigers.

So my life as lately has been pretty entertaining. I have had quite a few celebrity run ins…And in case you haven’t met me before you should know that I LOVE THE CELEBS!! So that has been awesome! I’ve only gotten some pictures of a few, mainly because I don’t want to hurt my chance of developing long-lasting relationships by acting like a star-struck fan, although I am ALWAYS the star-struck fan.

Today, in fact, I randomly wandered onto the set of Gossip Girl. There were shooting the scene for *SPOILER ALERT* Blair’s wedding to the Prince. They were filming on the Upper East Side right near my school and I passed by on the way home today and BAM…There was Serena and Dan a.k.a Blake Lively and Penn Badgley. So since everyone else was snapping photos I decided to, too. Here are the pics I got:

Hmmm, I also spotted some bachelor/bachelorette contestants at Central Park where they were putting on a charity event for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The event was put on by Graham Bunn, a recent finalist from The Bachelor Pad 2. His charity website is–You should check it out, he supports some cool causes!

I also creepily know where Jennifer Anniston lives and spotted her once entering her building, AND YES she is as pretty and fabulous in person. I’ve seen her boyfriend near there a few times as well. And to make myself feel better, I want you all to know that I applied for a job near there and my friend’s sister lives near there so I have been in the area several times and I don’t just stalk her, although I wish I had the time and patience to do so 🙂 I discovered through the be-friending of a few paparazzo that she lived in this gorgeous building in the West Village.

Here’s a (very bad) pic of her hunky bf, Justin Theroux, riding off on his motorcycle:

yeah I told you it was a bad one, probably not going to be able to sell this one to the tabloids anytime soon.

Monday night, my friend and I went to a book reading at our favorite little Bookstore/Coffee Shop,but arrived too late and was unable to hear the author speak. BUT the upside was that we saw Alec Baldwin leaving the book reading, and also Sandra Bernhard, who I recognized but honestly have no idea why she is famous. I’ve also randomly seen Gilbert Gottfried (SCORE!) and Carey Mulligan just roaming the streets. I guess celebrities are just real people after all, haha yeah right!

So thats the latest in Mandy’s life as a celeb magnet. I’ll keep you all posted on any other sightings in the future.


City Life- Documentary Form

So I have been trying to compile some videos of my time here, just to be able to show all my viewers from back home what my life has been like here so far and just a little about where I’m living and the people I am spending a lot of my time with.

Now, please don’t expect Spielberg’s work here..because I am obviously a beginner in the video making field…BUT I do hope you enjoy it and it gives good insight into my life in NYC!