I vow to not like “The Vow”

Okay, I’m going to have to be completely honest here, as much as I would love to say I have impecable, scholarly taste in movies and I only choose to watch sophisticated, award worthy films, this just isn’t the case. I am a sucker for silly comedies, anything with a chipmunk  and YES cheesy chick flicks. I will be the first to go see ANYTHING with Katherine Heigl, Jessica Alba or James Marsden. And although I love to waste my time watching unrealistic portrayals of women falling in and out of love, most of the time I enter the theatre already anticipating my disappointment. Granted I don’t usually broadcast my guilty pleasure for these massacres of film, but I figured hey, why not go out on a limb and review this movie that had the potential of The Notebook and fell flat on Ryan Gosling’s beautifully constructed floor. Sorry Rachel, I had such high hopes for you and my fellow Alabamian, Channing Tatum.

When I first saw the trailer for The Vow, I was already hooked. The trailer had all the signs of a tragically sappy love story: two painfully attractive stars, a crazy accident/twist and a taylor swift song. After seeing the film, I left the theatre feeling…satisfied. I had already prepared myself for a letdown, and It honestly wasn’t an awful movie, just mediocre in my opinion, but isn’t that kind of just as bad?

Going into the movie, I didn’t realize that the movie was based (loosely I found out) on a true story. After finding that out, it honestly made me like the movie a little more. The story is a very inspiring because of the obstacles the characters have to overcome, but I was very disappointed in the writing and acting. As much as I LOVE to look at Channing Tatum, the guy is not a very talented actor. I am so sorry, I just have not been impressed by his roles in anything he has done so far, especially since this list consists of Dear John and Step Up. Although the trailer for 21 Jump Street does look promising, maybe there is still hope for him yet. The main problem I have with Rachel McAdams is simply the fact that she chose this movie. She already played the loving, and forgetful leading woman and it was an unbelievable hit, Why get greedy and go back for seconds?

But ultimately I think the majority of the blame goes to the writers. The film was predictable at times, and the places where the storyline wasn’t typical, it was just downright silly. The plot that developed was lackluster. I would have liked to see more background on the characters and what led to their quicky marriage and how Rachel McAdam’s stepford-like character became a quirky, vegetarian in that amount of time. I also found it a stretch for Channing Tatum to play the hipster, music producer. He screams a lot of things (HOT HOT HOT) but artsy hipster is not one of them.

After doing some research on the real-life couple and their book of the same title, The Vow, I found out that the main theme in their actual story was their religious experiences that guided them through the horrific time in their life. This was something that was not present at all in the film. The couple, Kim and Krickett Capenter cite their mutual faith in God as the main reason their love lasted. I tried to find out what parts of the film were factual. I was mainly interested in the deceitful father plot-line. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but that was a very shocking twist. It was a tad unrealistic in my opinion, so If it was true, my heart goes out to this girl because that would be a very awkward situation, to say the least.

Overall, The Vow wasn’t a total bust, I wouldn’t recommend spending the OUTRAGEOUS amount the theatre charges, but it would be a decent redbox rent.

I’m leaving you with this hilarious picture I’ve come across. Hope you all love a good Mean Girls reference as much as me 🙂


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