A City Symphony

I am currently taking a Sense and Medium class, where we are able to explore the different types of mediums. We are focusing on Video, Digital Media and Sound Design. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, especially the Video portion. I just wish the sections lasted longer. Because there are 3 different parts to this course we only had 4 classes to complete each project. Our project assignment for the video portion of the course, was to capture video from the 2 blocks that surround our school and try to capture various forms of color, texture, movement and etc. through everyday life in the city.

This is my final product:


3 thoughts on “A City Symphony

  1. Not sure why I found it so interesting, but I so wanted to see more of the guy doing the ironing/dry cleaning. Love the music. Very appropriate. I think you may have found your calling.

  2. mandleigh77 says:

    Thanks, that honestly means so much! I enjoy doing it so much. And yeah….weirdly enough that guy was the most interesting to me too!

  3. JP says:

    Love it!!! I am so proud of you. I love you very much!!! I think about where we came from and what we have went through !! That makes me so proud of you Mandy!!!!!

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