City Life- Documentary Form

So I have been trying to compile some videos of my time here, just to be able to show all my viewers from back home what my life has been like here so far and just a little about where I’m living and the people I am spending a lot of my time with.

Now, please don’t expect Spielberg’s work here..because I am obviously a beginner in the video making field…BUT I do hope you enjoy it and it gives good insight into my life in NYC!


3 thoughts on “City Life- Documentary Form

  1. Gabby says:

    Well Mandy…it looks like everything is pretty dang boring in NYC. You should probably move to Houston where everything is awesome (ehem ehem me). Anywho, miss you bunches and stay safe!

  2. Love the video! We didn’t get to see you!!

  3. chloe lemay says:

    hi sissy i really miss you and this is chloe by the way i am so glad that i get to see you soon and mommy was the one that showed me the blog and all so mom showed me the snl that you where on i bet it was fun and you might get to see rocky and if you are going to ask me if we can bring maddie the answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!! and if you ask me again to bring maddie the answer is NO!!!!!!!no no no no no . can you skype sometime be for you come home love and miss you and i hope to see you soon in person rocky and that brat you call maddie loves you and misses you and mom loves you and missis you by se you soon

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