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City Life- Documentary Form

So I have been trying to compile some videos of my time here, just to be able to show all my viewers from back home what my life has been like here so far and just a little about where I’m living and the people I am spending a lot of my time with.

Now, please don’t expect Spielberg’s work here..because I am obviously a beginner in the video making field…BUT I do hope you enjoy it and it gives good insight into my life in NYC!


Fashion’s Night Out

Last Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out in NYC, and a lot of other big cities in the world. Its a celebration of Fashion Week beginning and it is just a time to go out to all of your favorite stores and have a chance to meet some cool celebrities and fashionistas!

I went with a friend I’ve met and we had a blast! Our first stop was Bloomingdales, where Fashion Stylist and Reality Star, Rachel Zoe was launching her new collection.

As you can see, her stuff is¬†GORGEOUS, but it also happens to be a little bit out of my price range ūüė¶

While waiting in line to meet her, I was able to get a picture with Rodger– Her adorable husband, who, for those of you that watch the show know, is incredibly patient and sweet! He was a complete sweetheart.

Finally, we were able to get to meet Rachel. There were SO many people there that we were unable to get pictures with her, but I was able to snap this up close shot of her!

She was so chic and so nice! I love when celebrities are sweet and down-to-earth!

After Bloomingdales, we hit New York and Co., where the Real Houswives of New York were signing autographs and taking pictures.  We were some of the last people to get to meet them because it was so late, but I was able to take a picture with Kelly Killoren Bensimon, and I got a few close-ups or Ramona Singer and Countess Luann De Lesseps.

All in all we had a really fun night! It was very glamorous and I had a blast. I cannot wait to attend again next year!!

Life in the Big Apple

Soooo It has been quite a while since I have posted, and for that I am sorry. I know you all have been squirming in your seats just waiting for my next post.


And what better a subject for my much anticipated post than my move to the Big Apple a.k.a. the city that never sleeps a.k.a. NEWWWW YORKKK!!!

This is the view from my place! 

My humble abode…

Well, I don’t really have any pictures of the inside of my place yet, but I promise those will be coming soon.

It is currently my third week living in the city, and I still feel like I am going back to Auburn any day now. I’m not sure if it will really ever set in. This past weekend I took a trip to Central Park and walked around for an afternoon and it was quite refreshing to be completely¬†surrounded¬†by green. One of the biggest changes I’ve encountered might be going from the loveliest village on the plains to the concrete jungle. Of all the times I have visited the city, I have never been deep down into the heart of Central Park and I¬†thoroughly¬†enjoyed it.

That is all for now…But expect regular posts from now on. I am back on the blog wagon and I am not going to fall off anytime soon…