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Birthday Shenanigans

So I KNOW I HAVE BEEN DELIQUENT ON POSTING!! I am so sorry….But as a birthday present I am posting!

Last night my fabulousssss friends surprised me with a get together of my closest peeps! It was so great and I was SO SURPRISED!

Here are some pics:

Walking in

Alex , Margs, Me and Jake

Barrett and Hayden,The best friends a girl could have! They planned the whole thing–How they pulled it off is beyond me!

Roomate/Best Friend/Sister/My other half–Me and Mary beth

Everyone! Thanks so much for coming–it was such a blast, I love you guys!

This was truly one of the best birthdays! I have amazing friends and family and I cannot believe I am finally 20! Gosh only one more year until the big 21! ahhh

This is me about 15 years ago…Wow how time has passed!