‘Cause you’re there for me toooooooo

Last day of my Friends rant. Man, you guys may not enjoy this, but I sure do. Today, I will continue on through the last, but certainly not least, 2 characters; Phoebe and Rachel


Rachel might be one of the most popular characters of pop culture, ever. From her infamous hairstyle to her on-again off-again relationship with Ross, she can be recognized by someone who has never even seen an episode of Friends. Jennifer Anniston may be the one of the only characters from the show that went on to have a decent career after the show ended. She may be in the tabloids every week, but she is beloved by most women in America. Everyone tends to side with the jilted woman that we see a little of ourselves in.


Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault. Oops, sorry It’s pretty difficult to look at this picture of Phoebe Buffay and not want to break into her eccentric lyrics. Flakey, Weird, Unique; these are all words that can describe Lisa Kudrow’s character. She may be all of those things, but that is what is so great about her. She is incredibly weird, but she is also the definition of a good friend with a big heart. I’ve always wondered a lot about Phoebe. It is never know how she came to be friends with the gang. Every other character is connected somehow, but not Phoebe. She is also the only character that had never had a romance with another Friend. Which I think is a pleasantry. Paul Rudd arrives in Season 9 to play her love interest and later husband. He plays the perfect match to her freakish ways. I wish I would see more of Lisa Kudrow today, but I feel like I might always retreat back to her Phoebe character.

Well that concludes my Friends Tribute. I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing over my old Friends. Give me some feedback… what’s your favorite episode, who is your favorite character? I would love to hear it!


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