I’ll be there for you.

Last night I popped in Season 8 Disc 4 of Friends. The episode was “The One Where Rachel is Late”, it has to be one of my favorite episodes. Rachel is pregnant and her baby is due, so she attempts many options, including sex with Ross, to hurry the delivery. I hadn’t watched Friends in a while and I had almost forgotten how much I LOVE this show.

So it’s no secret to any of my friends of family that I , Mandy Reed, am a Friends Addict. I own every season (1-10) and have seen every episode, probably 30 times, at least. In high school I went to sleep every night watching the show.  When the show ended in 2004, I felt like I was losing some of my most faithful friends. I can always count on the Central Perk Gang to cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

There are so many things about those 6 quirky characters that make me happier everytime I watch it.  I have tried to pick who my favorite character is MANY times and every time I cannot decide. So I’ve decided to say what it is exactly that I love about each and every character. So look out for my next few post. I will do a few characters each day. Comment and let me know what you think– Who is your favorite Friend and why?

The Lovable Gellar Siblings:


At first Monica can come off as a shrill control-freak, but its her psychotic behavior that makes her one of the funniest characters of the decade. Her maternal character really balances out the group. I believe if it wasn’t for Monica, the group may not have been as lovable and together. In a special I watched on the casting of the show, I learned that Courtney Cox originally auditioned for the part of Rachel, but the producers thought she would play the part of Monica better. Thank God for those producers because I cannot imagine anyone else portraying Monica.


Ross is a nerd. No doubt about it, he is a full blown nerd. That gets a smokin’ hot chick (JEN ANNISTON!) Some might say that its unrealistic that the goofy, hair gelled paleontologist could ever score the beautiful Rachel, but I believe it. He is the perfect amount of awkward that makes him hilarious. He is so lovable as the dopey guy who just can’t get love right with Rachel, or anyone else for that matter. Even when he has a drunken one-night stand while Rachel and him were “on a break”, you still tend to side with him. He is just like a puppy, you wanna hate it for chewing your favorite shoes, but that cute little puppy makes you love him.

Check back tomorrow for more Friends!


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