Lofty Inspirations.

With moving on my mind, my head is been spinning with ideas of how to create the perfect NYC apartment, with the southern, classic  feel that I love as well. It is so difficult to choose a design style when I’m attracted to so many different motifs. Here are some that I am drawn to:

I am loving gold, yellow and oranges right now. This may be a little to bright to live with all the time but I still love the concept.

I love the idea of a wall full of organization. Having a shelf/wall unit displaying all my books and DVDS seems like such a clean way to display. And the curtain in this photo gives it a cool spin.

This may be a little more difficult to achieve but how FABULOUS is this hanging mirror.

OK that’s all for now. But don’t worry, I will be wasting much more time on this in the future!

P.S. This post is dedicated to my fabulous and beautiful Aunt Lisa!

It is her birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is such an inspiring person that I admire greatly. She and her husband, Allan, own Homeworks of Alabama (, where she acts a the designer to many new homes and neighborhoods around the Auburn area.


3 thoughts on “Lofty Inspirations.

  1. I am so excited for you to be in NY. One of my favorite shows is “Selling New York” You are so sweet to remember my birthday. I can’t wait to see the apartment. HUUUMMMM….someone else has a birthday coming up. Cash is always King, huh?

    • mandleigh77 says:

      Me too! Keep me and Marybeth in your prayers that everything works out! Oh and I love that show too…hey maybe for my birthday you can just buy one of those places off of “Selling New York”! haha

  2. Beautiful Brainwork says:

    Love it! I am into gold and grays! I think we could make it work! 😀 I called the admissions office today… decision letters go out the first week in Feb. THATS NEXT WEEEEEEKk. We must check the mail obsessively. But, if you get it before me, don’t open it! I want to be completely surprised that I am not getting in!
    and on the way to class this morning I was behind a car that had a travel pillow displaying the wonderful Milton Glaser logo I heart NY… it’s a sign??

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