New York, New York

In December, My Roommate/Best Friend, Marybeth Manifold and I decided to apply to schools in New York for transfer in Fall 2011. We have had a pretty much life long dream of living in New York. We have visited together several times and even spent a summer there exploring and attending a summer art program at the School of Visual Arts.

So this year we decided to go for it. So we took the first step in making our dreams come true: We applied! Marybeth applied to The Copper Union and I applied to Marymount Manhattan College.

I applied to the Communication Arts program at Marymount with a minor in Media Studies. I received my acceptance letter in the mail last week and I was so excited! They also offered me some scholarship money. It was so uplifting to receive the acceptance, but it is also very scary. It all seems so real now and I kind of don’t know how to feel. I’ve always wanted this, but now the fact that it can really happen is a little intimidating.

Marybeth’s application process was somewhat more difficult that mine, to say the least. She applied to the Graphic Design department, which required her to submit a home test and portfolio. She did amazing job on both and we should hear back in February with the decision (keep your fingers crossed). I think I speak for both of us when I say the anticipation is killing us!

Here are some more shots of the NYC !

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