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Sorry, I took a few days off from blogging over the weekend! But I am back to continue on with my Friends theme! I’ve been watching friends over the weekend and man, that show really never gets old!

Today, I am going to talk about Joey and Chandler

They lived together for the first 6 seasons and to me, they will always be remembered as goofy guys who play fooseball and have chicks and ducks as pets. Oh what I would do to have lived across the hall from these two. What a pair!!


If you are not a Joey fan, you are not my friend! When trying to determine my favorite character, Joey always comes to my mind first. He is one of the most lovable characters television has ever seen. The gang does a great job of taking care of Joey. In several episodes, Chandler and Ross even fight over the him as if they are a divorced couple fighting for custody of a child. And that’s exactly what Joey is, a hungry, womanizing child (if thats possible!) His naivety and sweet nature makes my heart melt, especially during his love sick-puppy phase with Rachel. Even though the spin off Joey was a complete miss, Joey Tribiani will always hold a place in my heart.


Chandler Bing. There is so much to say about Chanandler Bong ( “The One with the Embryos” Reference). He is the most difficult to connect with in my opinion, but his sarcastic personality makes him a winner to me. He always knows the wrong thing to say and therefore making it hilarious. Him and Monica are so opposite and yet they work amazing together. When the show ended, I was so dissappointed, I really wanted to see Chandler attempt to raise TWINS! I mean can you imagine that? Matthew Perry is great as Chandler. One thing I always disagreed with in the show was how Chandler was portrayed as the guy who never gets the girl. He is so likable to me and I’m glad it was Monica who finally tied him down.

Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of my Friends tribute!


I’ll be there for you.

Last night I popped in Season 8 Disc 4 of Friends. The episode was “The One Where Rachel is Late”, it has to be one of my favorite episodes. Rachel is pregnant and her baby is due, so she attempts many options, including sex with Ross, to hurry the delivery. I hadn’t watched Friends in a while and I had almost forgotten how much I LOVE this show.

So it’s no secret to any of my friends of family that I , Mandy Reed, am a Friends Addict. I own every season (1-10) and have seen every episode, probably 30 times, at least. In high school I went to sleep every night watching the show.  When the show ended in 2004, I felt like I was losing some of my most faithful friends. I can always count on the Central Perk Gang to cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

There are so many things about those 6 quirky characters that make me happier everytime I watch it.  I have tried to pick who my favorite character is MANY times and every time I cannot decide. So I’ve decided to say what it is exactly that I love about each and every character. So look out for my next few post. I will do a few characters each day. Comment and let me know what you think– Who is your favorite Friend and why?

The Lovable Gellar Siblings:


At first Monica can come off as a shrill control-freak, but its her psychotic behavior that makes her one of the funniest characters of the decade. Her maternal character really balances out the group. I believe if it wasn’t for Monica, the group may not have been as lovable and together. In a special I watched on the casting of the show, I learned that Courtney Cox originally auditioned for the part of Rachel, but the producers thought she would play the part of Monica better. Thank God for those producers because I cannot imagine anyone else portraying Monica.


Ross is a nerd. No doubt about it, he is a full blown nerd. That gets a smokin’ hot chick (JEN ANNISTON!) Some might say that its unrealistic that the goofy, hair gelled paleontologist could ever score the beautiful Rachel, but I believe it. He is the perfect amount of awkward that makes him hilarious. He is so lovable as the dopey guy who just can’t get love right with Rachel, or anyone else for that matter. Even when he has a drunken one-night stand while Rachel and him were “on a break”, you still tend to side with him. He is just like a puppy, you wanna hate it for chewing your favorite shoes, but that cute little puppy makes you love him.

Check back tomorrow for more Friends!

blog revolution

I was looking through Mb’s newly renovated blog and came across this picture

Mb made this dress for me when I had an “anything but clothes” swap freshman yea. She is so freaking talented, I mean HOW COOL IS THIS! I was the hit of the party. She saw something like this on Project Runway and it inspired this.

Beautiful Brainwork is her new blog. Check it out!

My friend Hannah also started a blog, So follow her too…Gotta rep all my bloggin frands!

How. Sweet. Is. This?

This is adorable. Thanks Jo.

Lofty Inspirations.

With moving on my mind, my head is been spinning with ideas of how to create the perfect NYC apartment, with the southern, classic  feel that I love as well. It is so difficult to choose a design style when I’m attracted to so many different motifs. Here are some that I am drawn to:

I am loving gold, yellow and oranges right now. This may be a little to bright to live with all the time but I still love the concept.

I love the idea of a wall full of organization. Having a shelf/wall unit displaying all my books and DVDS seems like such a clean way to display. And the curtain in this photo gives it a cool spin.

This may be a little more difficult to achieve but how FABULOUS is this hanging mirror.

OK that’s all for now. But don’t worry, I will be wasting much more time on this in the future!

P.S. This post is dedicated to my fabulous and beautiful Aunt Lisa!

It is her birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is such an inspiring person that I admire greatly. She and her husband, Allan, own Homeworks of Alabama (, where she acts a the designer to many new homes and neighborhoods around the Auburn area.


Beth Jones. So. Much. Style.

Oh how I envy this girls style. I stumbled upon her blog and now I am obsessed.  She is a stylist originally from South Carolina who followed her dream to Los Angeles (talk about inspiration). Her unique flare is something that I would never have the guts to rock. Here’s the link to her blog:

Rain, Rain Go Away

Today has been a very drab Tuesday. Having class starting at 8a.m. is no way to begin any day, especially when it is rainy and yucky outside. Days like this make me wish I was a dog….

I mean seriously, who wouldn’t love this life?

Today, I have gone to my classes. I ate breakfast and lunch. I watched a little T.V. (last night’s bachelor on TIVO), but I feel that I haven’t really accomplished anything. I tend to feel this way a lot lately. Even with school, work, church and downtime, everything in my life seems so repetitive. I feel sometimes that my life is passing by and I am simply watching it pass. And as corny and pathetic as that sounds, I believe a lot of people feel the same way. I want to make a resolution to change this. My (hopeful) move to New York in the Fall will definitely shake a lot up in my life, but until then I want to come up with ways to spruce up, not only my life, but the lives of others around me. They say you only live once… So why live unhappy or unsatisfied. Let’s take control of our lives! Let’s really LIVE.

Wow, I feel like Oprah or something. That was the most empowering thing I have ever said. Now that you have read my revelation, give me ideas!! How are you going to “re-decorate” your life?

Rockin House

Now this is an interesting little piece.

This  is a real house in the rural settings of the Fafe mountains in northern Portugal. A Casa do Penedo, or “the House of Stone,” was built between four large boulders found on the site. It’s quite beautiful.


What do I love right now? Some things I remembered/discovered I’m really into right now:

*Re-watched  The Departed today. FIRE>>>

How did I forget how great this movie is? I mean Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg in the same film, it’s like any girls dream and then you add how intense the plot is and I mean talk about 2 hours well spent on a Sunday morning.

**As much as I hate to admit it, YES I WATCH THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS. The cat-fights and ridiculously pampered lives of women entertain me, what can I say? Kyle has been sporting some fierce emerald earrings on the show lately and thanks to I am now contemplating spending money, that I don’t have, on them. BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY….

Kyle sporting the FABULOUS earrings.

*** Stalking Fashion Blogs has been my job as of recently.  Except, instead of being paid, I’m simply wasting my time looking at pictures of things I will NEVER be able to afford. Here are some links to some of my favorites: — This one is great for savvy shoppers. It is full of great sale opputunities and promo codes for discounts on several websites.

****I’ve been listening to Mumford and Sons a lot recently (courtesy of my musically hip friend, Caitlyn Gullatte).

Great album, I highly recommend you taking a listen for yourself.

New York, New York

In December, My Roommate/Best Friend, Marybeth Manifold and I decided to apply to schools in New York for transfer in Fall 2011. We have had a pretty much life long dream of living in New York. We have visited together several times and even spent a summer there exploring and attending a summer art program at the School of Visual Arts.

So this year we decided to go for it. So we took the first step in making our dreams come true: We applied! Marybeth applied to The Copper Union and I applied to Marymount Manhattan College.

I applied to the Communication Arts program at Marymount with a minor in Media Studies. I received my acceptance letter in the mail last week and I was so excited! They also offered me some scholarship money. It was so uplifting to receive the acceptance, but it is also very scary. It all seems so real now and I kind of don’t know how to feel. I’ve always wanted this, but now the fact that it can really happen is a little intimidating.

Marybeth’s application process was somewhat more difficult that mine, to say the least. She applied to the Graphic Design department, which required her to submit a home test and portfolio. She did amazing job on both and we should hear back in February with the decision (keep your fingers crossed). I think I speak for both of us when I say the anticipation is killing us!

Here are some more shots of the NYC !

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